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Breast Cancer

Dr. Debora Ma's specialty is breast reconstruction. She is experienced and well trained in the field of breast reconstruction, and she is deeply committed to all women with breast cancer. Often breast cancer strikes women who are young and healthy. The shock of the diagnosis, the fear of the treatment and the uncertainty of the future all carry a profound psychological impact. It is a significant psychological injury that occurs when a woman loses her breast to breast cancer. It goes well beyond the physical loss of the breast - it affects a woman's self perception, her intimacy, her comfort with her own body and her sense of being whole.

The psychological injury caused by losing a breast to cancer is compounded when a woman feels that their breast cancer is visually obvious to others. No woman with breast cancer should feel that her diagnosis has to be "worn on her chest." To feel that you have no control over others knowing that you have breast cancer compounds an already profound sense of loss of control.

Dr. Ma is deeply committed to every woman who chooses to have a breast reconstruction. She is pleased to offer her skill and artistry to all breast cancer patients. It is her personal and professional goal to reconstruct the most aesthetically pleasing breasts possible for every woman. She is highly trained in the surgical techniques and well experienced in this field. A good reconstruction should allow a woman to feel that her breasts look natural to herself and others. It should allow a woman to feel comfortable with her new body. Dr. Ma has been fortunate to work with numerous breast cancer patients over the years. The nurturing environment and excellent care provided by Dr. Ma will help you cope with the emotional aspects of recovering from breast cancer. When women are newly diagnosed with breast cancer, they often find it reassuring to talk to other women who have undergone breast reconstruction. Many of Dr. Ma's patients are happy to speak to women about their experience.

You have been diagnosed with breast cancer: now what?

You have just been handed news that will change your life. Take charge of yourself and go where you will receive care with physicians who routinely treat breast cancer. Many breast cancer patients are never told that they can be treated by a compassionate, well trained all female team of physicians and surgeons who treat breast cancer on a daily basis. As the only female plastic surgeon in Boulder Valley, Dr. Ma is pleased to work with an all female team of breast surgeons, oncologists and radiation oncologists. Dr. Ma and her colleagues are the only all female surgical team in the larger geographic area. As a breast cancer patient, know that you can receive compassionate, comprehensive breast cancer care in the hands of experienced women physicians who specialize in breast cancer.

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