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Liposuction Testimonials

"In January of 2008 I underwent liposuction of both my lower and upper abdomen with Dr. Debora Ma. At the time of my surgery, I had been a diabetic for 13 years, and was having to take insulin on a daily basis for the past 5 years. Within two weeks following the surgery, I began to notice that my glucose levels were getting too low. I begin to lower the dosage of insulin and in a couple of weeks I quit the insulin altogether. It has been almost nine months and I am still insulin free. This was a totally unexpected benefit of the surgery and, in the end, the best possible outcome. It is very nice to wear a smaller size of clothing as wel!" - Lori K., age 65

"I had my first liposuction in 1993 in Denver and my second lats year with Dr. Ma and her team. I was truly amazed at how far the techniques have come over the years - how much less pain, bruising and recovery time - and how thoughtful, caring and respectful Dr. Ma and her whole team were of my well-being. I would recommend the procedure and team to my family and friends." - Barbara, age 57

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