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Breast reconstruction

"It is very important to find a competent, professional plastic surgeon. Dr. Ma proved that when she redid my reconstruction breast surgery. I now have beautiful breasts. I will never forget her kindness and supporting my reasons for redoing the procedure. I would recommend Dr. Ma to anyone" - Tracy K.

"As a breast cancer survivor and a nurse, I understand the emotional difficulty involved in decision making. Dr Ma is knowledgeable and understanding during this extremely stressful time, in not only the patient's life, but that of the entire family. She takes the time necessary to discuss all reconstructive options and answer everyone's questions concerning the choices that must be made. She is able to honestly explain the pros and cons of each procedure as well as the complications which may arise." - Jill Y., age 49

"In 2008, I joined the ranks of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer. In total denial and with no family history, I couldn't believe it was me. I always ate healthy, exercised, and maintained a good life style. It was just the right breast diagnosed. I immediately focused on the process. I had a lumpectomy and radiation, which resulted with my right breast [being] considerably smaller than my left. I work in a professional field and see many people, so I started wearing many jackets to hide the different size breasts."

"My radiation doctor highly recommended me see Dr. Ma, she mentioned she could definitely help me, as she could see how frustrated I was in trying to find the right clothing to wear. I couldn't hardly wait to meet Dr. Ma. My first visit with her was very comforting and positive. She understood my frustration and knew exactly what my needs were. Dr. Ma recommended a reduction of my left breast to match my right. She explained the procedure and walked me through the process. I concurred this was exactly what I wanted."

"The day of the surgery came and I felt no fear. I was impressed when I met her staff, I was informed in detail all about the surgery and what to expect. My surgery went well with no complications. Dr. Ma and staff took such good care of me. I was released and informed to take some time off from work for recovery, but meanwhile I felt very little discomfort. I had a phone call checking on me and a few days later I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers wishing me a speedy recovery from Dr. Ma."

"I returned back to work feeling and looking great in my clothes. My breasts were even and my self esteem and confidence were back. Today I am cancer free and appreciate the chance to look and feel great about myself again. I am a very grateful and satisfied patient."

"I highly recommend Dr. Ma for any reconstructive surgery. Dr. Ma is a very professional and highly qualified surgeon. Thank you Dr. Ma and staff." - Polly S.

Breast augmentation

"My experience with Dr. Ma was first-rate. She and her staff made me feel welcome and relaxed. I trusted her completely to transform me into the well-proportioned woman I am today. The process was much easier than going to the dentist." - Jennifer S.

"It was a wonderful experience, nothing like I thought at all. The staff at Blue Aspen is awesome and I would recommend them to everybody. In fact, I do. I would tell other women: If you have been considering getting a breast Augmentation, DON'T WAIT. I did it to boost my own self confidence and I really wish I would have done it 10 years sooner." - Jesse M.

"I had my breasts done about a year ago and I love them! I wish I would have done it sooner. Dr. Ma is a great plastic surgeon. I've recommend her to all friends." - Anna G.

"When I was searching for a facility for breast implants, we decided to look at a few places, before settling. My first impression of Blue Aspen, was the staff was extremely warm and friendly. I immediately felt comfortable. Dr Ma, was just as inviting and I felt very comfortable with her as well. What I liked most, was she didn't want to know about what cup size or CC's I had in mind, but how I envisioned my new body. She then showed me pictures of other patients, before and after, and gained an even clearer picture of what I wanted. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted. I couldn't be more happy with my body. I recommend Dr Ma and her staff to every one. Dr Ma is not only an excellent doctor, but an artist as well! Thank you, Dr. Ma!" - Holly C.

"My experience with Dr. Ma was excellent. I am so pleased with my surgery and results. I have had mammogram tech's and my gynecologist comment on what an excellent job the Dr. had done. They have even asked for her name, as they get asked about referrals. I requested that Dr. Ma use her discretion as to how big I should go, giving her some parameters. I couldn't be more pleased with my size. They feel so natural now and such a part of me." - Jane H.

"First of all, I wanted to thank the awesome staff at Blue Aspen for making my visits so welcoming! I really appreciated how friendly each staff member was, from the first day to the last. I could have easily chosen a Plastic Surgeon's clinic near my home, but felt more comfortable at Blue Aspen, which was an hour away!"

"I have to say that Dr. Debora Ma did an EXCEPTIONAL job on my breast augmentation, hands down! She had so much patience with me and all my questions during our one-on-one consultations before and after the surgery. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with my new look by ways of silicone implants. Even though the majority of her patients chose saline, I really liked the natural feel and look of silicone. Dr. Ma was very helpful with deciding on which types of implants to choose from and which size we needed in order to achieve the right "look" for me. She was right on! After 8 months, my breasts continue to feel more and more natural, and my self confidence has definitely improved. I am really happy I chose Dr. Ma. I am going to miss her!"

"I am forever grateful to Dr. Debora Ma. She is a brilliant Surgeon!" - Mariel G.

Breast reduction

"I had my breast reduction done in December 2004. It was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself both physically emotionally. As a teenager I was only 5 ft, 105 lbs and a size 34DD. I was teased often and it was difficult to do many sports. I had difficulty breast-feeding my 3 children. I began having migraine headaches at the age of 25 yrs, indentations on my shoulders from the bra straps and upper back pain off and on. I would bind my breasts with ace bandages under a support bra whenever I danced or jogged. Years passed, 3 children and into menopause before I ever realized that a breast reduction was possible."

"I was 53 years old when I finally had the reduction. I had been on all kinds of medications for migraine headaches, had done physical therapy for backaches, and even bought a new mattress. I was now over weight, had that bent over kind of posture and my clothes never fit because I had to purchase clothes for my now, huge hanging breasts! After 30 years of marriage I was also going through a divorce. I remember crying as I looked at myself in the mirror."

"I loved my new breasts the minute I saw them after surgery. A month after the surgery I went on a weight reduction diet and lost 46 lbs. My whole body changed. My posture changed and I had fun buying new clothes that fit. I loved the cute sexy bras too! I started jogging again, took dance lessons and all physical activity was so much easier. Emotionally I felt so much better about myself. I know that the weight reduction had made a big impact. I had lost weight before, but with the huge breasts, I never looked like I lost much and still had to wear bigger clothes."

"I haven't had any back pain since the surgery. My migraine headaches have completely disappeared! Although I still have indentations on my shoulders, the straps don't cut into my shoulders anymore."

"I was fortunate to have had my insurance company pay for this procedure and I figure that I am a healthier person because of many issues related to this surgery. My only regret was I wish I had done it sooner. Now when I look at myself in the mirror I think to myself, not bad for a 57 year old and what great breasts I have!" - Chelsea D.

"My breast reduction and benefited me in the following ways:
- No neck or back pain,
- More mobile
- An unexpected benefit
- No sleeping difficulties, and I now sleep throughout the night
- Best thing I have done for myself." - Patricia W.

"Regarding my breast reduction, I would like to make these points:
- best decision my husband and I made
- no more mid-back pain or painful breast swelling once a month
- better posture
- Dr. Ma is a caring, compassionate, and understanding surgeon
- Dr. Ma and staff made me feel completely comfortable in all aspects of the decision, the surgical procedure, and my recovery
- glad to be have a breast size more symmetrical with the rest of my body
Thank you for the opportunity to publicly state what a blessing the surgery and Dr. Ma have been to me." - Ellen V.

"My breast reduction procedure performed by Dr. Ma was life changing. I had immediate relief from the neck and shoulder pain that I'd experienced for years. My posture has improved immensely and my clothes fit beautifully. Dr. Ma and her staff worked with my insurance company to support the medical necessity of my treatment to maximize my insurance benefits. I was pleased with every aspect of my care and the results have exceeded my expectations." - Denise R.

"I am writing this letter as a testimonial to the excellent care and treament that I have received at your clinic (Blue Aspen Plastic Surgery). I began researching surgeons for a breast reduction surgery to help relieve back and neck pain. When I met with Dr. Debora Ma and her staff, I was greeted warmly and I quickly became comfortable with everyone I came in contact with. Julie really fought to get my insurance to pay for the surgery, continually on the phone with them and faxing paper work, while keeping me up to date. When we got the 'go ahead' for the surgery I could barely contain my joy. Dr. Ma did an amazing job. Now, nearly 2 months after my surgery, I am living a better life. It's amazing how much better my quality of life is now that I'm no longer suffer from daily pain. My neck and back no longer hurt. The head aches, that I thought were an altitude thing, have gone away. I enjoy my children and can now run and play with them. I think I even walk a little taller. My husband loves the new look and the new attitude. Please don't misunderstand, I was happy pre-surgery, but giving birth to three children can take a toll on ones body and it certainly did on mine. I am twenty-six years old and have a lot of living to do. Pain free. Dr. Ma and her staff worked very hard for me and I am grateful." - Hannah K.

"I would recommend breast reduction to any woman considering it. Literally, a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders and back. I have had no back pain since the surgery. I am also much more confident in how I look! It is actually fun (and much easier) to go shopping for clothes!" - Joan K.

"This is what I would say: I suffered all my life having large breasts; physically and emotionally. Although my insurance did not cover the cost of the surgery, I decided to save until I could afford it. I am so happy I did and I met Dr. Ma. I have only one regret... I wish I had done it twenty years ago! My life is totally different now, it is a pleasure to dress in the morning and face the day on a positive note. I am very greatful to Dr. Ma who took such a good care of me and made it so easy." - Mariel W.

"I was very nervous going into this procedure because I have never had surgery. Words can not express how fabulous the whole experience has been. You will not be able to realize how life changing this is until you do it! Just do it! Don't hesitate because this is the best decision I have ever made. I can not begin to tell you how great I feel and look now! I was worried for nothing! I love the new me! I not only feel better without the back aches etc….but I look better in all my clothes. I used to hate bra shopping and now love it! I do not need $60.00 grandma bras anymore! I can feel pretty!" - Carrie G.


"I struggled to get back in shape after having my children and was frustrated that I couldn't get to the shape I wanted. Upon recommendation from my Doctor, I saw Dr. Ma and came to understand that I would never get those muscles that had been stretched out and had a gap in them- to go back the way they had been before -by myself. After the surgery, I feel like the effort I make to stay in shape is showing. My husband loves the way I look and knows I did all I could and with the help of Dr. Ma, I am to where I feel good about myself. I have had many people comment on how well I look and I am so glad I had the surgery done. I still have to work to keep in shape, but I can stay there now. Truthfully, the recovery was longer than I expected, but it was so worth it." - Mary R.

"I had abdominoplasty done by Dr. Ma. As a patient and a medical student, I was impressed by professionalism and confidence of Dr. Ma. When you go through a surgery you want to make sure your life and body are in good hands. Dr. Ma made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. I am very satisfied with the result as well. The surgery greatly improved my self image and level of comfort. Thank you! If ever I need expertise in area of plastic surgery I know where to go." - Natalie G.


"In January of 2008 I underwent liposuction of both my lower and upper abdomen with Dr. Debora Ma. At the time of my surgery, I had been a diabetic for 13 years, and was having to take insulin on a daily basis for the past 5 years. Within two weeks following the surgery, I began to notice that my glucose levels were getting too low. I begin to lower the dosage of insulin and in a couple of weeks I quit the insulin altogether. It has been almost nine months and I am still insulin free. This was a totally unexpected benefit of the surgery and, in the end, the best possible outcome. It is very nice to wear a smaller size of clothing as wel!" - Lori K., age 65

"I had my first liposuction in 1993 in Denver and my second lats year with Dr. Ma and her team. I was truly amazed at how far the techniques have come over the years - how much less pain, bruising and recovery time - and how thoughtful, caring and respectful Dr. Ma and her whole team were of my well-being. I would recommend the procedure and team to my family and friends." - Barbara, age 57

MOHS reconstruction

"When my MOHS surgery turned unexpectedly extensive, I left my dermatologists office petrified with gaping hole in my face. I went directly to meet with Dr. Ma. She provided me much needed reassurance, explained my surgery options with me and had already reserved time for my surgery the next day. Dr. Ma skillfully treated my disfigurement and left me very few scars and a very big smile. I could not have had better care than Dr. Ma provided me. She is a compassionate, skilled and expert doctor who provided me with the highest level of treatment." - Tessa K.

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